Four years has passed since the dawn of the outbreak. Those infected began showing convulsions, foam of the mouth, and yellow tinted eyes. Soon the infected began to dig their teeth, and claw at the flesh of the sane, quickly turning them into one of their own. The virus has no cure that anyone knows of, nor did anyone have a hope of withstanding the outbreak. However, several people were found to be unaffected by the virus, and others had the luck, and skill to bypass getting caught by one of the infected. Camstratia is one of the last remaining civilizations left on earth. Build out of a vast amount of palettes, steel slabs, and spiked wood the area around Camstratia. The town’s militia patrols the area around the town every day with increased vigor. Hoping to find other survivors, as well as attempting to  rid the world of the zombies surrounding their oasis.


After four years of fighting, losing all your loved ones and running you’ve began to doubt why you continue to stay alive. With faith failing you, and the hopes and dreams of finding other survivors near impossible you lay your last rounds in the on-come of infected that gathered around you. Closing your eyes you admit defeat to the crewel world you’ve known for all of twenty years and drop down to your knees. This is when you hear the rounds of a semi-automatic unload case after case of hot, molten lead into the horde surrounding you, not before an infected grabs your leg and rips a chunk out of it with his stained teeth. The pain was unbearable, much like every other time an infected had ripped off your flesh, the vision around you grey blurry, and all faded into black.


This is your journey… What you do next lays entirely up to you.