Dating plays a big role in Camstratia. The ability to find someone you’re passionate about, and that you care for enough to settle down with is not just an emotional treat we’ve added into the game, but something that can also change the outcome of the game. Each character you chose to date can have their own perks. From providing you with food and resources, to running errands for you and helping you gather supplies from around the town. Below are all of the datable characters in the game:



Maddie: 19: Very soft spoken, shy, and loving person.
She spends her time thinking about all the
ways she could help everyone and provide a
cure to the people who have recently been
infected. Her goal is to be the opposite of
her father.



Cassandra: 20: Cassandra is a quiet, yet quite emotional
girl who is in her scene/gothic phase. She
is either really sad, or angry towards people.
The only people she tends to be nice with
are the ones who are her friends, and truly
‘understand’ her.


Micheal: 18: Michael is known as being the male version
of Cassandra. He is very quite, and quite
rude besides towards Cassandra, and the
younger children. He is almost always found
in his room besides the occasional visit
to the bathroom.



Sarah: 22: Sarah is the ‘princess’ of the town. She
will never be found walking without her
head held high. She often times speaks down
towards everyone.
She is extremely bad when it comes to her
son. She is often heard belittling her son
Micheal. Many think that Micheal’s behavior
is a direct response to her negativity.
She is the magic shop owner, and is often
not visited due to both her attitude
and the lack of magical knowlege in the town.
She is the only one who knows magic, and
refuses to teach anyone who is not to
her standards.



Hank 20: Hank was found a few months after the town
got set up. He was badly injured, yet
didn’t seem to have any bite marks on his
body. His injuries seemed to be caused by
another human vs. an infected. He now lives
by himself, and tends to keep by himself.
He is apart of the towns guards, and spends
most of his time watching the gate.