Camstratia is a time based, decision making game. With every day that passes you have the options to do several different things in the game, from explore the outdoors, to talk with the town’s members. Everything you do… or don’t in the game can affect the outcome. For example, if you go days without speaking to a character they will begin to dislike you. Even if you were both friends, or even lovers. After a while of neglect they can even begin to hate you. However, if you talk to a character everyday, and based on the responses you give them they could begin to enjoy your presence, or even fall in love with you. The game also has its exploration as well. When traveling outside of the compounds of Camstratia you’re faced with what the people in the world refer to as infected. These creatures seem to act and function on a whim of hunger. Though they seem to only have the appetite for human flesh. Outside lays lots of opportunities to make money, craft amazing weapons and armor, as well as gather food and other needed resources for the town, as well as yourself. By talking to people in the town you can sometimes receive mini quests to go out and gather resources, or even kill the infected. In doing so you can be rewarded with different objects from money, to hidden information about someone, or something.


In this world time matters immensely. At one hour you might have the ability to read a page in someone’s diary and learn about them. This can be both beneficial, and terrible. Who knows what lies deep inside of someone that they would never otherwise tell someone. With that knowledge you have the ability to confront them, or tell the mayor or other militia about it depending on the severity of the page. In doing so, however, can end up costing you the ability to read diaries for the remainder of the game. Other instances of time includes night time, and the chance to pass out and end up either dead, or in your home depending on if someone finds you before the infected do. Time is one thing you should never lose track of in this game.